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08 March 2014 @ 11:52 pm
Yowamushi Pedal v14  

Whoooooo next volume =D

password: himenanoda

Again, sorry for the devolving into random comments (esp c117/118) >_> I can't help myself >_>

Chapter Title Notes:

  • 114 - 止まらぬ刻 (tomanaru toki) is something along the lines of "not the time to stop" but I'm still puzzled over the odd kanji for "toki" (normal is 時).  刻 is normally pronounced "koku" and is, according to my dictionary, "an archaic period of time, usu. a period of approx. 2 hrs" (also, carving/engraving or strictness/cruelty, but since the furigana was "toki" -time- I'm pretty sure it's the 1st one)

  • 116 - 坂道、来る (sakamichi, kuru) Sakamichi comes here

  • 117/118 - "Hime na no da" (You're my princess) is from Onoda's favorite song

  • 119 - 合流 "gouryuu" is "joining up/union of forces/merging" etc, I just couldn't think of a cooler way to say it


  • C113 p07-08: The last bubble on pg7 is just "オレと今泉に" (to me and Imaizumi) and the rest of the sentence is on the next page. I just made them two separate things.

  • C113 p17: Onoda starts apologizing for getting a massage and says "自分で" (jibun de) "by himself". Teshima-san finishes the thought "出来ねーだろ" (dekine- daro?) - "you can't do it". Also, just in case it's not clear, the "thanks" (すんまへん - sunmahen) is Naruko.

  • C113 p19: Couple things here: for some reason "回復" (kaifuku - recovery) is in quotes. Second, the last thing Onoda says is "金城さんたちへ" (Kinjou san tachi e) "tachi" is a convenient word doesn't have a nice single word translation >_> (basically Kinjou-san and the others. Makes stuff plural, not just people). Since in this case it's only Kinjou and Imaizumi, I just stuck his name in

  • C113 p22-23: And we finally get back to Tadokoro… Anyway, though you can probably guess, the text above "Start" reads "Inter High Men's Road Race 2nd day"

  • C113 p24: "is he in bad shape" "具合わりィんじゃねーか" (guai wariin ja ne- ka) - "is he in bad condition/manner/health". Also, where the ref/timekeeper guy says "hey", it's really " キミ" (kimi - polite you, literally) but it's basically just used to get his attention

  • C113 p26-27: "small fries here" is neither zaku nor zako, but "雑兵" (zouhyou - small fry/ordinary soldiers/rank and file)

  • C113 p28: "余裕" (yoyuu - composure/time/allowance) >> he's acting totally unconcerned

  • C113 p29: another "bad shape", but this time it's "調子" (choushi - condition/state of health)

  • C113 p40: "20%くらいしか出ねぇ" (20% kurai shika denee) - only about 20% comes out

  • C114 p47: "お披露目" (ohirome) is "debut". I didn't use it, cause while it's the first time Tadokoro's using it in this race, he's pretty well known for the human bullet train thing so I wouldn't call it a debut >_>

  • C114 p48: "切り捨てる" (kirisuteru) means "to discard/cast away"…I was trying to think of some other word that had the feeling of "throw away" but didn't sound odd, but couldn't think of anything lol

  • C114 p52: Tadokoro says "オレのハートももっていけ" (ore no haato mo motte ike) - "take/carry my heart with you as well". If he'd said "kokoro" I'd probably have gone with "spirit" over "heart" but… =D

  • C114 p53: "なんもねェつのは淋しいもんだな" (nan mo nee tsu no wa sabishii mon da na) - "there being nothing is a lonely thing"

  • C114 p55: "ぐだぐだ走ってる" (gudaguda hashitteru) - gudaguda is (onomatopoeia for)exhausted/tired so "tired/worn out riding"

  • C114 p57: Teshimaaaaa! Aoyagiiiii! \(T∇T)/

  • C114 p58: guysssss I don't think that's allowed (er, I know it's not allowed but even if it were I don't think you could push him 3km uphill), but awwwwww ^∇^
    Real note: "足ちぎれるまで押すぞ" (ashi chigireru made osuzo) - let's push until our legs are torn off/torn to pieces.

  • C114 p59: "皆をお願いします!! お願いします!!" (minna wo onegaishimasu!! Onegaishimasu!!) - everyone (obj) please!! Please!! >> leaving everyone to you please

  • C114 p64: Nobu (who weirds me out more than Mido >_>) says "総北一人目落ちた" (Souhoku hitorime ochita) The first one from Souhoku has fallen.

  • C114 p66: last bubble, Naruko's "buwah" is just (ぶっ) buh

  • C114 p67: I may have forgotten to mention this earlier, but this is the best page for it anyway. Maki-chan usually calls Tadokoro "Tadokoro-cchi" but he stopped with the "-cchi" around when he realized Tadokoro wasn't there and goes back to using the "-cchi" on this page. (田所は…田所っちはな - Tadokoro wa… Tadokoro-cchi wa na)
    Also, what Naruko says about Tadokoro: "あの人 元気のカタマリすよ!" (ano hito genki no katamari su yo) - that person, he's a bundle/cluster of health/vigor/energy/etc. I went with ball of energy

  • C114 p68-69: Every time I picture Naruko slapping his hand over his wide-open mouth I laugh (I really wanna see this bit animated). This is not the time to be laughing, but for some reason I find it hysterical. Pointless note over =D

  • C114 p70: Onoda just says "すぐに" (sugu ni, right away/immediately). (basically emphasis from the prev page). I just made it into a full sentence >_>

  • C115 p72-73: "shave off as much time as they can" "一分一秒を削って" (ippun ichi byou wo kezutte) - shave off one min, one sec

  • C115 p75: [this was blank in my notes. I forgot what I meant to put here]

  • C115 p76: "今田所っちはヘタすると後ろの集団の更に後ろにまで" (ima Tadokorocchi wa heta suru to ushiro no shuudan no sara ni ushiro ni made) "ポジションを落としてるっショ" (pojishon wo otoshiteru ssho) (these two lines are in two separate bubbles). All together, that makes: "Right now, Tadokorocchi's position, at worst, has fallen to even further behind the pack behind us"
    (note about "heta" I'm interpreting it as "at worst" but it's literally more like unskillful/awkward)
    >>"Right now, Tadokorocchi is, at worst, behind the pack"
    >>"His position's dropped that far"
    Also, the last thing Onoda says is "だ…ど" (da…do) which I'm not sure how to interpret other than Onoda struggling to find the words to say (I just went with "B-but")

  • C115 p81: "折れかけた心をあいつらが拾ってくれたっつのに!!" (orekaketa kokoro wo aitsura ga hirotte kureta ttsu no ni!!) "Even though those guys picked up/gathered my heart which was about to break"… In this case "kokoro" sounded more like "spirit" than "heart" so I went with "spirit" (cause broken heart makes him sound lovesick XD)

  • C115 p83: "追いつかねェと話になんねェーんだよ" (oitsukanee to hanashi ni nan'nee n da yo) "If I don't catch up, it won't be worth talking about" (gah, it's annoying when I know what something means, but not how to say lol "hanashi ni naranai" is literally "won't become a story" > "not worth talking about" but also "absurd"….."if I don't catch up, we don't stand a chance" or along those lines

  • C115 p84: All Tadokoro says is "しろよ" (shiro yo) and once "しろおおおお" (shirooooo). From prev page, "kaifuku suru" is to recover, and he's basically saying just the "suru" part of the verb in imperative form. So literally it's more like just "do it" but I put a couple "recover"s in there so hopefully it's clear what he's saying. Also, (just in case) for "complaining", he's telling his body that it can't be complaining. Oh, also, for the "m…o…" at the end, it's "u" and "go" (from ugoku, to move).

  • C115 p90-91: ONODAAAAA =D

  • C115 p92: I should mention that Tadokoro is addressing Onoda as "てめェ" (teme), rude form of "you" when he normally uses "おまえ" (omae) (or nothing at all)…aka, he's pretty angry

  • C116 p94: I didn't really translate this page (it is so hard to read his handwriting sometimes…) but for anyone who's interested, this is part 1 of 3, and I did just a bit more on the other two

  • C116 p98: The first "you idiot" is "バカヤロウ" (bakayarou). The second "you idiot! you idiot!" is "てめェはてめェが" (temee wa temee ga) which, as mentioned above, is just a rude you. Also, Onoda, "……I" was just "ボ" (bo) (from boku, "I" but it's not like "I" can be split into parts >_>)

  • C116 p99: Nooo, Tadokoro!! Don't hit him!! >_< LOOK AT THOSE EYESSSSS

  • C116 p102-103: sign reads: [both lanes are closed due to the inter high cycle road race] (it says サイクル (saikuru) "cycle" and not "cycling"). Also, Tadokoro: "こんな土壇場で" (konna dotanba de) "at a last moment/last minute like this" or along those lines.

  • C116 p104: "バカ正直" (baka shoujiki) - stupidly (foolishly/naively) honest/straightforward. Also the "huh" on that page is just "か" (ka) a particle that marks a question (I've been going with "huh" whenever "ka" has appeared on its own). And "geez" is "ったく" (ttaku, abbreviated mattaku, expression of exasperation)

  • C116 p105: I take this as proof positive that Onoda has magical eyes that are impossible to resist >_>

  • C116 p108-109: Naruko's last line: "金城さんたちに追いつきましょォォ" (kinjou-san-tachi ni oitsukimashooo) "let's catch up to kinjou-san and the others"

  • C116 p110-111: Makishima: "オレはリアリストだから夢は見ねェ" (ore wa riarisuto dakara, yume wa minee) "けど おめェのその目に オレは" (kedo omee no sono me ni) "悪い夢を見ちまったんだ" (warui yume wo michimattan da) "小野田ーもっ回お前が田所(furi:そいつ)をつれて" (Onoda-- mo kkai omae ga (kanji is tadokoro different furi) soitsu wo tsurete) "戻ってくるってな" (modottekuru tte na)
    "I'm a realist, so I won't dream. But because of those eyes, I ended up seeing a bad dream… one where Onoda-- one more time, bringing that guy (Tadokoro) with you, come back to us"

  • C116 p113: about "the green zekken"…I just realized that I forgot to mention, there are quite a few places in this vol where they say that, but most of the time, I just stuck "the guy with" in front

  • C116 p114: Nara Sanri's Daitsubu (which I keep wanting to write as Daibutsu - large buddha ironically enough…) says "仏の顔も三度までだ" (hotoke no kao mo san do made da) which is an idiom meaning "to try the patience of a saint" (literally: the buddha's face also only until three times)

  • C116 p115: "グリーンゼッケンも…昨日はりきりすぎたか?" (gureen zekken mo… kinou harikiri sugita ka?) - Did the green zekken also…get too enthusiastic/eager yesterday?

  • C116 p116: Tadokoro says "抜きかえせ" (nukikaese) - "let's pass him in return" or along those lines, but it's basically let's get payback (by passing him)

  • C116 p118: "僕に合わせて" (boku ni awasete) "ヒメって言ってもらっていいですか" (hime tte itte moratte ii desu ka) - Is it ok if you match (join/combine) to me and say hime for me?

  • C117 p120: I thought Watanabe's conversation with Arashiro was funny, so I tled it and did a bit more of the page while I was at it. The two cyclists mentioned on this page:
    Also, if you were interested in reading it, sorry for making the font so small >_< (but hey, it was hard for me to read too? XD) Oh, and if I accidentally left "signature" in place, I meant autograph… (the Japanese is サイン (sain - "sign") so I always tend to write "sign" or "signature" before correcting myself)

  • C117 p121: And this is where I break down laughing for the rest of the chapter. =D    ☆*・゜゚・*o(^O^)o*・゜゚・*☆ ♪♫♬♩

  • C117 p122: Tadokoro: "ぜってーいやだ" (zettee iya da) - definitely not/not likely/no way. (oh, Tadokoro, you still haven't realized that you can't say no to this kid…)

  • C117 p124: (creepy) Nobu says "チョロイすね総北" (choroi su ne souhoku) - Souhoku is easy(-peasy piece of cake)

  • C117 p127: "ダ…ダメですか" (da…dame desu ka) - is it no good? (I…I can't?)

  • C117 p134: singing time  ♪♫♬♩ I did for these chapters what I did for Onoda's climb back in stage 1, which is leave the singing lines as-is and provide a note translation for the first time a line occurs. Full song is still in the notes for v11 which is here. ♪♫♬♩
    Also, Onoda says "hai" (yes) when it's time for Tadokoro to start singing, so I went with "go" instead because "yes" sounds weird (even though I've kept it as "yes" in many other situations where it would sound weird too)

  • C118 p150: "そうこなくちゃな" (sou konaku cha na). I consider this more of an idiom-ish thing (meaning: now you're talking/that's what I'm talking about), but I think more literally, it's like "that's the way it should be"

  • C118 p154: "サビ" (sabi) is the hook/high point of the song (which I usually take to mean chorus). There are a few other words that have the same pronounciation (錆 - rust, and 寂 - antique look/appearance for example) which is likely why Tadokoro is confused for a moment

  • C118 p155: THESE EYESSSS ^o^

  • C118 p162: where it says "this guy", the kanji reads Onoda, the furi reads soitsu, so I went with the furi

  • C119 p169: Imaizumi: "もう少しかかるか…く…" (mou sukoshi kakaru ka… ku…) "it will take a little bit longer, huh…ku…" straying from the literal with "isn't here yet"

  • C119 p171: last "everyone" is written with the kanji for Souhoku, and furi for minna (everyone)

  • C119 p172: Mido: "バラけとったりしてなァ" (barake tottari shite na) - "(it's) unraveling". I'm actually not sure if there's a different nuance to it, because Mido's accent is making it hard to work out (and I don't get much from context), but barake (I have no idea why "bara" is in katakana and "ke" is in hiragana) is "to unravel". Including the following line "おたくのチーム" (otaku no chi-mu) "your team", overall it's "your team is unraveling"

  • C119 p173: Mido: "いやいやいやあくまで" (iya iya iya aku made) "ボクの予想なんやけども" (boku no yosou nan ya kedo mo) - "iyaiyaiya, in any case, this is only my prediction but"

  • (imai: "what's that supposed to mean?" mido: "oh, no, nothing, (just keep in mind that) this is only my prediction")

  • C119 p176: and throughout this convo, Kinjou just sits quietly…
    I'm not sure what Mido means with "advice" unless earlier he was telling Imaizumi to not unravel when Souhoku doesn't come (but he never says "don't unravel", so…) or unless it's just Mido expecting that his "warning" is advice…

  • C119 p178-179: "where are they" is just "総北は" (souhoku wa - with the furi for souhoku being "uchi" - us/we)…but it carries the sense of where's souhoku/what about us

  • Extra p183: "maido" (short for "maidoari" which I'm pretty sure originally came from "maido arigatou" but is used as its own thing now) literally means "thanks every time" but more generally used in the sense of "thanks for your business" (like thanks for coming to us every time)

  • Extra p184: I've never liked "mommy bike" as a translation, but I really can't think of any other way to say it lol (ママチャリ is "mama chari", chari is colloquial for bicycle --vs 自転車 "jitensha" bicycle)

  • Extra p185: NHK - Nippon Housou Kyoukai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

  • Extra p186: Onoda's mom says "itterasshai" (have a good day/take care/see you/etc) which is what you say to a family member when they're going out (usually in response to "ittekimasu", though Onoda says "ittekuru ne", but it's basically along the lines of "I'm going out")

  • Extra p187: Oh, Sakamichi! You're adorable! XD

  • Extra p189: Still adorable! (also, "I'm here!" is really just 到着 "touchaku" - arrival. And "yay!" was "yosh!" which is more like "alright!" but yay is only 3 letters…)

  • Extra p190: Going by the names, the "Black Saturn" (ブラックサターン - burakku sataan) Manyu Manyu isn't the same as the "Black Manyu" (くろマニュ - Kuro manyu) from the OVA. Just saying >_>
    クロナシティおためしDVD (Kuronashitii otameshi DVD) - "Kurona City trial/test DVD". I'm not sure what a "trial DVD" is (do they exist outside of Japan?) but I'm assuming it's what its name says. Like the 1st episode or a pilot episode to judge interest or something
    And Onoda said "アニメ版" (anime ban - anime version) so I'm assuming Love Hime started out as a game.

  • Extra p191: I tried ^.^; I could actually read his handwriting for most of that, I just didn't spend the time to get a smoother translation. And then I gave up on the rest XD

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So yeah, I've still got a few more volumes to read. But I can see myself just reading Inter High.
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It'd probably be hard to catch up quickly >_< but good luck anyway! =D
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Lol me too >_< As soon as I go back home for my next break, I'm planning to head to Kinokuniya with one of my friends and get (some) of the volumes...>_<
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Aww =( well, you can find almost anything online anyway XD (I have to take an hour train ride to get to Kino, but it's fine, 'cause I usually make it a day trip with my friend XD)
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I rarely use lj anymore but I just wanted to leave a comment and say thanks for the translations! I'm rapidly falling in love with this manga, which is something I never thought I'd say of a sports manga, haha. I really love the extra notes too, very informative! Really looking forward to the next chapters. ♥
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