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26 July 2014 @ 01:08 pm
Yowamushi Pedal v17  
Ahhhhhh after a long wait, it's finally done!!! XD I believe someone else has also taken up the burden of translating, but I'm gonna keep going anyway ;)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/nn2r9qaanzaukq6/Yowamushi_Pedal_v17.rar

Password: zombies


Chapter title notes:

  • 142: 最速の新開 (Saisoku no Shinkai) - The fastest's Shinkai. It sounded weird so I took off the "'s"

  • 146: 動く (ugoku) - I went with "they" move, but it doesn't really specify who is moving =P

A lot of these notes are me just being a crazy fan. Sorry (not sorry) m(_ _)m

  • C138 p015: ""ゴール前" " ("gooru mae" da) – It’s "before/in front of the goal." I went with "goal stretch" because that sounded better. =P And yes, it was in quotes originally

  • C138 p016: Nobu’s saying "nanya" a lot which could easily be what’s this/what’s going on/etc. But since the last thing he says is "nanya ittai" (what the hell is this) I made "nanya" "what the". And the last thing Nobu says is "mukatsuku mukatsuku mukatsuku wa". "Mukatsuku" is "to be irritated/annoyed/etc" (I went with pissed off) and changed it a bit so he’s not saying the same thing three times in a row =P (anyway, Nobu likes repeating himself)

  • C138 p020: Midou: "手の上の勝利の玉はすこし横にゆれただけで" (te no ue no shouri no tama wa sukoshi yoko ni yureta dake de - The ball of victory on top of (my) hand, just by swaying to the side a bit)

  • C138 p021: Continuing the sentence from the previous page: "まだボクらの手の中にある" (mada bokura no te no naka ni aru - it's still in (the middle of) our hand). Midou goes "iyaya wa" (iya = bad/unpleasant/etc) which I put as "oh, how awful" (because that’s how I imagine him saying it—like in a false/teasing voice?)

  • C138 p023: Not sure if this worked in Eng, but I gave it my best shot: Midou says "ハコガクゥとゥ" "ボクでぇ"  "どっちが真の王者かを" (Hakogakuu tou/boku deh/docchi ga shin no ouja ka wo—he’s elongating sounds btw). Between Hakogaku and me, which one of us is the true king-- though technically, since he’s continuing from the last page: We can decide it with today’s goal, between Hakogaku and me, who is the true king. Anyway, "docchi" (which one) is emphasized because it specifically refers to a choice between two (like between vs among). Fuku’s response to him is: ""どっちが" ではない" ("docchi ga" de wa nai) basically that it’s not "which one of us (two)" ('cause Fuku knows Kinjou's on his way XD)

  • C138 p025: Midou catches on quick =)


  • C138 p029: Midou repeats: "baka na" (it can’t be) five times. Er. 6 times. The first two are on separate lines, but the 3-5 are all in the same line without break. But I didn’t want to repeat the same words over and over (KyouFushi has something with repetition don’t they…) so it became: "This. Can’t be. Thiscannotbehappening." (and the 6th one is further down, but that one stayed as "It can’t be"). Along the same lines (repetition), both "they shouldn’t be here" and "they can't be here" are "来るわけない" (kuru wake nai).

  • C138 p030: Onoda’s not a mass-produced type "量産型"  (ryousangata). I’ve mentioned this before, but the "mass-produced type" has to do with "zakus" XD (that answer won’t be revealed for two more volumes though)

  • C138 p033: Fuku says: "まるでふり出しだな" (marude furidashi da na) – It’s like we’re back to the beginning. I feel like there should be a better way to phrase that, but…

  • C139 p036: Nooooo ONODAAAAA >_<

  • C139 p037: NARUKOOOOO XD

  • C139 p042-043: It took me FOREVER to work out what Midou was saying… "ベンジョバエ" (benjoubae) benjou is toilet and hae is fly (if you remember, he was calling people flies in the last vol) and the h becomes a b (in sound) when the words are put together. So I went with "latrine fly" (because toilet fly sounds weird, not that latrine fly doesn’t but >_>). Anyway, Midou is so confusing sometimes >_<

  • C139 p047: NOOOOOOOOOOO ONODAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA T_T (is it just me who thinks this sounds like a permanent good-bye? Like he’s dying? T_T)

  • C139 p048-049: IMAIZUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <3 (He's finally snapped out of his dark mood!)

  • C139 p051: Maizu’s acting all cool again =P (this goes for p52-53 too)

  • C139 p054: Midou makes the distinction of flies (Hako) and toilet (latrine) flies (Souhoku). I don’t know why but ok.


  • C140 p067: I learned a new word from Fuku! I guess it’s more like a new…form (since I know the kanji and its meaning)? "言いたげだ" (Iitageda - http://thesaurus.weblio.jp/content/%E8%A8%80%E3%81%84%E3%81%9F%E3%81%92) Basically to have words with someone XD (which is what I have in the translation, but I had the link in my notes so it stays)

  • C140 p072-073: Just to distinguish between what Fuku tells Kinjou and the other thing he says. First,  "来い金城" (koi, Kinjou come, Kinjou. Less literal would be like come on or bring it on, etc). Then "上がれ" (agare – come up. Less literal would be like come forward).

  • C140 p074: O_O FUKUUUU (I no longer know if I’m cheering for Souhoku or Hakogaku =P). Also, while I went with "block", what they really say is "封じ" (fuuji seal). But "sealing the assistant" sounded odd so I went with block.

  • C141 p079: I am now starting to make Arakita curse more. All he says is "てっめっ" (temee impolite 'you') but in my head, he's totally saying "you little shit". >_> ARAKITA <3. Also, Arakita says (to Nobu) “ハエかてめェ" (hae ka temee what are you, a fly?) to which Nobu responds that’s our line (because Midou’s been calling everyone "hae"). I went with insect here (because a few chapters ago I also used insect instead of fly because I thought it sounded better =P). Also, I made it not a question.

  • C141 p084: So easily fooled, Nobu is…

  • C141 p089: Ahahaha Fuku you trickster =P (アシストのアシスト – ashisuto no ashisuto – the assistant’s assistant). I didn’t see that coming the first time I read this part XD

  • C141 p090: Arakita calles Nobu "パチエモン" (pachiemon). If you think it sounds similar to "doraemon" you’d be right =P. (pachimon being a cheap imitation. I don’t know where doraemon comes into this, but in some earlier volume, Arakita called Nobu out on trying to be a bad copy of Midou or something like that). Anyway, I just left it as "fake" in the translation.

  • C141 p092-093: SHINKAIIIII <3 YOU’RE BACK <3

  • C142 p102-103: Shinkai’s so cool <3

  • C142 p109: Yes, Midou really says they’re coming back to life (being revived). (生き返りやがって – ikikaeriyagatte)

  • C142 p113: So he says "ゾ—" (zo--) and I had no idea what might start with that letter…

  • C142 p114-115: but of course the only answer is ZOMBIES. (This made me laugh hysterically XD. THEY’RE ALL ZOMBIES OO ). More seriously, Shinkai says "JUST 20" (just 20 byou, and yes, "just" is in eng text—just 20 seconds = exactly 20 seconds).

  • C142 p116: Continuing with flies…"カスバエ" (kasubae. I went with scum because that’s what "kasu" is. But scum flies? Sounds weird =P)

  • C142 p117: Midou doesn’t like zombies (but he’d probably survive a zombie apocalypse)

  • C143 p124: So until I read this part (the first time around), I totally thought I’d missed something (like with Imaizumi being so despondent). I dunno if anyone else felt the same way, but this is the missing piece. Also, cue yelling at Maizu for giving up =P (and then *hugs* poor thing)

  • C143 p131: "みんなの力をもらって" (minna no chikara wo moratte – I’ve received everyone’s strength/power and)

  • C143 p132-133: "走ってんだよ" (hashitten da yo am riding (with it)). Still hard to phrase when it sounds better as: "I’m riding with the power I received from everyone” or something like that…but I wanted to keep the word order T_T. Also Maizu says to Midou: "おまえに…とかそういうのどうでもいいんだよオレ" (omae ni…to ka, sou iu no dou demo iin da yo ore). It became "You…no longer matter", but it’s more like "to you…and such, that no longer matters. Me". Like, I no longer care about competing against you (specifically/personally) or something.

  • C143 p136: Midou: "あいつならあの "当たり" に負けてたはずや弱泉…あのプライドのかたまりのヒヨコチャンが" (aitsu nara, ano "atari" no maketeta hazu ya, Yowaizumi…ano puraido no katamari no hiyoko-chan ga). The (more) literal version: "If it’s him, he should have lost to that "hit", (that) Yowaizumi…that chick who is a ball of pride". (chick as in a cute yellow ball of fluff XD). But I changed it to wet-behind-the-ears (which is technically a secondary meaning of hiyoko anyway =P)

  • C145 p167: ISHIYAN! <3

  • C145 p168-169: ISHIYAN! O_O

  • C145 p173: O_O

  • C145 p174-175: MIDOU?! O_O (I was as surprised as Ishiyan =P)

  • C145 p176: That’s right, Midou, hit Ishiyan on the head XD

  • C145 p177: OO (I'm sorry, nothing to say for this chapter so it ended up being all my random flailing)

  • C146 p186-187: I found this volume full of surprises XD

  • C146 p198: Aaaaand another cruel cliffhanger >_> (if you haven’t read ahead, now would probably be a good time ;))

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