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21 February 2014 @ 05:19 pm
Yowamushi Pedal v13  

I consider this a milestone cause it's the 5th vol I've worked on =D

And it has some of my favorite scenes (again. I think I've got favorite parts in all the volumes)


Password: surprisevisitor


You can tell when my favorite parts come up because I drift away from the notes and into random declarations/commentary…>_>

Also, the final note is the very first thing I wrote for v13

Title page notes:

  • 104: "本質" (honshitsu) which means essence or true nature. By the chapter contents, I felt essence fit a bit better but still meh

  • 108: "強者3人" (kyousha sannin) - sannin is simply 3 people, but kyousha can mean "strong man", "exceptional person", or "man of courage" (literally written with the kanji for strong and a different kanji for person). I went with 3 strongest by context

  • 109: "ゼッケン" (zekken) - as mentioned in v9, it's the special name for the number things on the back of the jersey.

  • 110: "陰る" (kageru) which means to darken or to be clouded/obscured (it's a verb).


  • C104 p07: Arakita is saying "kun" (in katakana) which (is not the same kun used as a suffix) means pleasant smell/aroma/scent. *sniff*

  • C104 p08-9: Arakita really does say "eat" (喰う - "kuu" which is a casual/vulger way of saying "taberu". Well, I say "vulgar" cause that's what my teacher said, but guys say it all the time. Girls not so much). And he really says he's starving (腹ペコ - "harapeko") (you know, hungry for the goal/victory)

  • C104 p12: Arakita calls Imaizumi "Orikouchan" (all in hiragana). To break it apart, "rikou" is clever/shrewd, "o-" is a prefix which usually denotes some respect (I associate it with high-ranking/high-class speech), and "-chan" is (in this case) a diminutive.
    I actually had to go to a Japanese dictionary for this one (under "rikou"), and according to the definition: http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/leaf/jn2/230835/m0u/
    3 (多く「お利口」の形で)子供などがおとなしく聞きわけのよいこと
    3 (Often in the form of "orikou") used when children are listening obediently/quietly/docilely
    like, "oh, you're such a good kid" except Imaizumi's not a child so it's condescending)

  • C104 p14: Imaizumi says "ゴールのことだけに神経を使え" (goal no koto dake ni shinkei wo tsukae) Use your nerves only for/about the goal. Nerves can be literally like the biological nerves in your body or figuratively like in "he gets on my nerves". Anyway, in this case, "think only about the goal" (not that nerves are only for thinking but…)

  • C104 p18-19: Was debating whether I should erase the "oooooh" (オオ) but I liked the text >_>

  • C104 p21: I don't understand Arakita sometimes XD "嗅覚" (kyuukaku) means "sense of smell" and I'm not quite sure what that has to do with anything (though I assume it ties back to how beast-Arakita can smell the goal and such XD). And just in case, although all he says is "飢えた者" (ueta mono) (a starved/starving person), he does mean it in the sense of "starving for victory". Actually, before all that, "闘える" (tatakaeru) means to be able to fight (as opposed to tatakau which is "to fight"). Also, it was in quotes in the original text btw

  • C104 p22: the word for "exceptional" is the same one as in the title for c108 ("strongest") btw (see that note lol). Went with exceptional for this because Arakita's making categories (I was thinking of going with "strong men" and "wild beasts" but didn't). Also, continuing with the eating/hunger theme (or maybe just that Arakita falls in the beast category lol - the strong eat the weak sort of thing) "喰らいあおうぜ" (kurai aouze) "eat each other"

  • C104 p25: I would like to point out that Imaizumi uses "てめェ" (teme) a rude form of "you" when he says Arakita is in his way. =D

  • C104 p26: note about "win". "ブッチギる" (bucchigiru) which is, more specifically, to win (a race) by a large margin

  • C105 p33: Going by my list of cycling terms, Imaizumi would be the "domestique" (French for servant). But the word in Japanese is "アシスト" (ashisuto - assist), so I'm going with assistant >_>

  • C105 p36-37: Imaizumi doesn't say "move" (どけ), just "ve" (け) again,  but it looked weird. Also Arakita didn't say "なめんな" (namen na, short for nameru na) don't look down on me/don't take me lightly/etc, just "めんな" (men na)

  • C105 p44: Where Imaizumi says "please" is "onegaishimasu". Debated whether or not I should leave it as onegaishimasu, but then decided against it. Also Arakita says "っけぇ" (kke-) shortened "ike" (go) but unlike with "move" it's not like I can shorten "go" to "o" and still have it make sense lol

  • C105 p48: Midousuji says "おまたせや" (omatase ya) which is "thanks for waiting"/"have I kept you waiting?"

  • C106 p51: Makishima says "--だといいけどね" (--dato ii kedo ne) - "if that's the case, that would be good", implying what he just said (Mido making a bad judgement call or aiming for 3rd) probably isn't the case but it would be nice if it were.

  • C106 p54: lol I'm so inconsistent. Arakita uses "てめェ" (teme) a rude form of "you", but it's often translated as "you bastard" anyway so >_>

  • C106 p57: Imaizumi: "でもとうにかして止めねーと" (demo dounika shite tomene- to: "but I somehow have to stop") "こいつを" (koitsu wo: "this guy") is how the lines are separated. >> "But If I don't stop him somehow"  "somehow!!" is how it ended up

  • C106 p61: Imaizumi says "koitsu" in furigana but "Midousuji" in kanji. Normally, I'd go with the furi, but Mido sounded better here

  • C106 p66-67: Ahahaha this page was fun. イヤハアアアアア (iyahaaaaaa) (the double ii in the image is cause it's "eee" sound not "I" sound (even though letter-wise it's an "I"))

  • C107 p76-77: Mido says: "当然今日のトップゴールも頂くでぇ" (touzen kyou no topppu go-ru mo itadaku de) - "of course, I'll receive/get today's top goal as well" >> "I'll be taking the goal first today as well"

  • C107 p84: Mido says "so it's a secret" and (due to construction of Japanese sentences) the negation is on the next page. I changed it around so it ends "it's not really" on this page, and "a secret anymore" on the next page. Also "secret" in this case is really "とっておき" (totteoki) something set aside/held in reserve

  • C107 p90: Kinjou says "獲る" (toru) - to capture/take. I wrote win, but I wanted to note that it's different from Fuku's "win" (勝つ - katsu)

  • C108 p98: Top bubble is "るん" (run, but said more like "roon"…) does not mean "run" in english. Doesn't mean anything in english, as far as I can tell, just another weird sound. Run-run (ルンルン) describes something happy/bouncy, but neither really fit…and I had to put something in, so people wouldn't think "run" meant "run" so I went with "go" instead. Also, "strongest" here is the same word as in the title (kyousha).

  • C108 p106-107: The first time I read this page, I was really confused cause they never said who won…so I ended up skimming the next few pages until it finally said who won…and then my reaction was "OMG REALLY?" ...did anyone see it coming? Cause I didn't >_>
    Real note: Mido says "入っとる年季がちがう" (haittoru nenki ga chigau). "nenki" is this weird word that means "term of service" or "period of an apprentice's contract" or "apprenticeship", so like "the term of service we've entered into are different", which I took to mean "they've got a couple years (of experience) on me" which was a pain to fit into that tiny bubble so it became "they're also older" >_>

  • C108 p108: Mido says "結果は結果や" (Kekka wa kekka ya). The results are the results.
    Also, the guys telling Fuku-chan "good work" : there's "おつかれ様です" (otsukaresamadesu) and "おつかれした" (otsukareshita, shortened version)

  • C108 p109: Fuku-chan's "strongest" is again, "kyousha" from the title (I've made this note too many times >_>)

  • C108 p110: "同着" (douchaku) means "arrive at the same time". (THEY TIED O_O)

  • C109 p116-117: 総北高校 (souhoku koukou) and 京都伏見高等学校 (kyouto fushimi koutou gakkou). Just to differentiate, I went with Souhoku High and KyouFushi High School (since technically "koukou", the common word for high school is a shortening of "koutou gakkou" and I didn’t want to use "senior high school"). Also, the guys in the crowd? One said "sou…kita?" because the second kanji in Souhoku is also read as "kita" 北" (north).

  • C109 p120-121: GAHAHA those faces (upper left) XD Oh Imaizumi (maybe he just looks sillier cause he's still got that towel over his head)…and Teshima and Aoyagiii XD
    Also: the sashes on the girls on stage in case anyone is curious: The one I can read says "Miss Hakone" and the other is a "Miss something else" (her hand is covering the sash)

  • C109 p123: Ahaha I love Toudou XD

  • C109 p124: Ahahahaha Manamiiii =D

  • C109 p126: "え ひゃーーっ" (eh. Hyaaaaa) and "いやいやいやいやそんなこと" (iya iya iya iya sonna koto) is all Onoda being bashful (nonononono not at all!)
    Also, the word Toudou uses really does mean mortal combat "死闘" (shitou). Life or death struggle/mortal combat/struggle to the death

  • C109 p129: "へんな汗出てきた" (hen na ase detekita) A strange sweat appeared. Wasn't sure the best way to convey this (poor Tadokoro-cchi), but I went with "a cold sweat"

  • C110 p134: Got a lot of notes on Tadokoro-cchi's mini-speech here: "チームがまとまってる" (chi-mu ga matomatteru) - The team is settled ("Matomaru" means "to be collected/to be settled/to be in order" but like in the sense that they were all over the place before and now they're coming together).
    Also, "総北悲願" (Souhoku Higan) - "higan" is "one's dearest wish/Buddah's vow to save humanity".
    Then, "オモシれえくらいにいい雰囲気なんだ" (omoshiree kurai ni ii funiki nan da) - It's a good atmosphere to the point of being interesting/amusing >> I left out the "interesting/amusing" aspect.
    And finally, "チームにつまんねぇ神経使わせるわけにはいかねえだろ" (chi-mu ni tsumannee shinkei tsukawaseru wake ni wa ikane daro) - I can't let the team use nerves uselessly (tsumannee is casual of tsumannai which means "boring/dull" literally but is also used to mean pointless/useless/etc) >> anyway, in short "I don't want to worry them"

  • C110 p135: the first time Tadokoro says "wear" (not the 2nd) it's "背負る" (seoru) which means to take responsibility for/carry on your back.

  • C110 p140: Imaizumi says "負け---" which is either "ma-ke" (loss/defeat) or "maketa" (I lost) cut off. Either way, the meaning is pretty much the same, so I went with "I lost"

  • C110 p142: I've always thought so, but you can really see how the art for Imaizumi has changed with all the flashbacks

  • C110 p143: "all of it" and "everything" were both "全て" (subete) but I didn't want to repeat myself

  • C110 p144-145: Imaizumi's depressing thoughts: "オレはこのインターハイで走る理由はもうない" (ore wa kono intaa hai de hashiru riyuu wa mou nai) - I no longer have any reason to race in this Inter High. >> I added "none" because "mou nai" was separated from the rest

  • C110 p147: 旅館 (ryokan) - Japanese Inn. Onoda says "hotel" and Naruko says no, it's a ryokan (I've always wanted to go to a ryokan…..)

  • C110 p148: In case you wanted to know what was on the sign: Can't read the top most one (partly covered)
    Second one reads: "箱根学園自転車部一同様" (Hakone Gakuen jitensha bu ichidou sama) - Hakone Academy Cycling Club All-sama
    Third reads: "山形商業父兄一同様" (Yamagata Shougyou fukei ichidou sama) - Yamagata Commerce Guardians All-sama
    Fourth reads: "山形商業自転車部一同様" (Yamagata Shougyou jitensha bu ichidou sama) - Yamagata Shougyou Cycling Club All-sama
    Also, Fuku-chan says "ご苦労だったな一日目" (gokurou datta na ichi nichi me) - thanks for your efforts on the 1st day
    I should probably also mention that I think Izumida is adorable (I thought he was odd, talking to his pecs, but I've since changed my mind lol)

  • C110 p150: Yeahhhh Shinkai!! =D  Anyway, he says "オレの脚は満タンだぜ" (ore no ashi wa mantan daze) - my legs are completely full ("mantan" meaning "full tank"). I just took the legs out. Oh, and he says "福富" (fukutomi) but furi is "トミー" (tomii). Also odd, cause he usually calls Fuku-chan "Juichi" and I'd totally forgotten about this one nickname

  • C111 p152: I just wanted to say that Pocari is ridiculously delicious =D Best sports drink ever

  • C111 p155: AHAHAHA their faces XD (bottom left)

  • C111  p156-157: I love Onoda's mom XD . BTW, she does refer to herself as "母さん" (kaa-san) (which isn't unusual in Japanese), so like the first thing she said was "なんか坂道が箱根に行くっていうもんだからさ母さんなんかそわそわしちゃって" (nanka sakamichi ga hakone ni iku tte iu mon dakara sa kaa san nanka sowasowa shichatte) - "somehow, since Sakamichi said he was going to Hakone, mom somehow started feeling restless". Anyway, she does this a couple times, but I left it out each time

  • C111 p158: Ahaha Onoda's mom XD (I totally thought the same about Kinjou…he doesn't look like a high schooler XD)…Also, when Kinjou introduces himself, he says "主将" (shushou - captain), while Onoda's mom says "部長さん" (buchou-san - club captain/president). Also, Kinjou-san speaks very politely to Onoda's mom (which is only natural, just been a while since I've seen it out of class since what I usually hear is casual or -masu form). So he says "今日のレースはご覧になりましたか" (kyou no race wa goran ni narimashita ka - Were you able to see today's race?). "Goran ni naru" is the polite "version" of the verb "to see" (見る miru - it's an exception that uses a totally different word, as most keigo is formed with a prefix "o-" and ends with "ni naru" around the normal verb. Sorry, long tangent. Keigo is fun =D).

  • C111 p160: I've made a lot of notes similar to this, but once more! Onoda says  ”一回…落…いや転んだ" (ikkai…raku…iya koronda) "once…I fe…no, I fell" using two different words for "fell" (and I've been using "crash" for 落車 rakusha)

  • C111 p161: I've got a lot of notes re: Onoda's mom lol
    "いいんじゃないの一回い転んだくらいが男の子だもの" (iin jya nai no ikkai koronda kurai ga otoko no ko da mono) - "isn't that fine, falling around once is a boy" (if I go literally). So like, boys will fall off and it's fine (not worried) if it's only around once (or twice, not a lot)
    To Naruko: "坂道をお願いね" (sakamichi wo onegai ne). I can't even do this literally lol "onegai" is please, "sakamichi wo" is Sakamichi (as the object of the sentence), so it becomes "please look after him" or along those lines
    And to Kinjou: "不器用" means awkward/clumsy so I just put both words in
    "守ってあげてね" (mamotte agete ne) which is literally "please protect him" but I'd say "take good care of him" fits better

  • C111 p163: "たくましく" (takumashiku) - more reliable/stronger
    "日焼けして少したくましく見えるわね" (hiyake shite sukoshi takumashiku mieru wa ne) - "the tan from the sun makes you look a bit more reliable" (still not coming across quite right…basically, in her eyes, he looks stronger/more reliable)

  • C111 p164: Onoda's mom says she's giving the money to the captain "代表して" (daihyou shite - making him the representative >> in charge of the money)
    I don't think I've mentioned this before, but "サイクリング" (saikuringu - cycling) refers specifically to non-race bike riding in Japanese

  • C111 p166: Since we see an image here: Pocari! <3 It's actually "Pocari Sweat" (weird name, I know), but it's "Pocari Sweet" in the manga to avoid infringement or whatever (like Arakita's Bepsi)

  • C112 p177: Naruko replies: "ったりめーや" (ttarime-ya) (>> atarimae ya) which is more like "obviously" (I like to think of it as "no duh"  when it's shortened like that but that's just me)

  • C112 p182-183: The large text reads "箱根学園の"  and "皆さん!!" (Hakogaku no minasan!!) "Everyone from Hakogaku". Which turned into "Hakogaku's team"

  • C112 p185: Ahahahaha Sakamichiiiii XD

  • C112 p195: Onoda says: "始まった瞬間からすぐに!!" (hajimatta shunkan kara sugu ni!!) - "From the moment it starts, right after/immediately!!". >> "almost immediately after the start". He's referring to the start of the battle vs the start of the race. I dunno if that came across. (the battle will start in 3min 40sec, almost immediately after the start, as opposed to the 1st day where there was the parade run and took however long before the real battle started)
    Also, I'm not sure how else to translate "注入" (chuunyuu) which is "an injection", so "根性注入" (konjou chuunyuu) is like an injection of guts/spirit/will-power

  • C112 p196-197: Naruko says "気合い入れるで" (kiai ireru de), "putting in my fighting spirit". I went with energy cause the bubble was small >_>

  • C112 p199: the word Kinjou uses "脱落者" (datsurakusha) > "datsuraku" means to drop out/fall by the wayside ("sha" just makes it refer to a person). Onoda thinks "datsurakusha" then "リタイヤ" (retire) (he's basically explaining the word, so I went with the less heard "fall by the wayside" and then "dropping out")

  • C112 p201: am still not happy with this line: "昨日ボロボロになりながらも皆の力でここまで来たんだ" (kinou boroboro ni narinagara mo minna no chikara de koko made kitanda)
    "Yesterday, while becoming all beat up/worn out as well, we came this far because of everyone's strength"…"We came this far thanks to everyone's strength, even while wearing ourselves out yesterday" … "We came this far thanks to everyone's strength while becoming worn out yesterday" … I went through a lot of versions...

  • C112 p206: You all have my sympathy at this cliffhanger ending (seriously, because I honestly couldn't wait the first time I read it >_> …or the 2nd time)

- -splashie_xyt on February 24th, 2014 04:06 am (UTC)
I guess that makes sense since it's Kaibutsu-kun in your icon ♥
Did you hear about Ohno's upcoming drama?

hahaha, it's probably a combination of both. I found the use of vocabulary quite easy to read though, um, like it wasn't hard to get use to all the cycling jargon.
I think I just tire out from reading manga for too long on the monitor... especially if it's not in English lol.

Can I add you?
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on February 24th, 2014 04:20 am (UTC)
Yup! I can't wait XD (Oh-chan is my ichiban >.>)

Yeah, that's def true lol =)
Well, it's bad to spend too much time sitting in front of a monitor anyway, right? ;)

Sure! =D
Mind if I add you back?

Edited at 2014-02-24 04:22 am (UTC)
- -splashie_xyt on February 24th, 2014 04:27 am (UTC)
haha :) I'm looking forward to it too.
I think I got into Arashi in 2012, so many years after you did xD

well, if it's watching stuff I can sit in front of my monitor for ages, wonder why it's manga that makes me tire faster hmhm. Lately I've just been reading sports related series, and well, Yowamushi Pedal is awesome ♥

ryuuhikariryuuhikari on February 24th, 2014 04:45 am (UTC)
Lol I'm just happy to learn that arashi's still gaining fans lol XD (I tend to drift in and out of touch with fandom so...)

Maybe it's the text? Or the text+images? I have no idea lol
Sports manga have always been my favorites (starting with prince of tennis, then ES21, and Whistle...am keeping up with Area no Kishi, Haikyuu, Kuroko no Basuke, Daiya no Ace, Oofuri, Chihayafuru...I could go on; I think I have at least one for nearly every sport >.>) but I'm also fond of detective mangas...
But Yowamushi Pedal is currently my favorite XD (the main reason I'm doing the translating lol)
- -splashie_xyt on February 24th, 2014 05:38 am (UTC)
haha ^^;; I'm starting to drift in and out too... at least with their variety programs. It's hard to find time for everything.

LOL. Neither. I'm thinking it's because it actually takes effort to read xD
I've always loved sports manga too! My favourite is Slam Dunk. I actually don't really read a lot of sports series, I prefer rereading series I enjoy. I recently had a ES21 marathon and caught up with Daiya no Ace. I was planning on rereading Oofuri after I finished reading the Yowamushi raws xD I'll probably end up rereading Shin!Tenipuri. Ah, I like Adachi's H2 and Cross Game too.
Detective manga!! ♥ I only read Detective Conan though, and Kindaichi when I can find scanlations.
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on February 24th, 2014 12:25 pm (UTC)
Yeahhh, I pick and choose what I watch, but sometimes I'll just go around dl-ing stuff and watch a bunch at once >.>

Haha you may be right! XD
I've never actually read Slam Dunk (which is weird considering its popularity lol). I do a lot of rereading too: tenipuri at least 2 or 3 times in full (earlier chapters more than that because as it was still being released, I'd wait for a lot of new chapters to come out and read it all from the beginning) and same with ES21, but occasionally I go out looking for more lol which is how I ended up with so many XD (I'm caught up with the scanlated Daiya and then up to v30 in raws, but I still have 7 or 8 vols before I'm totally caught up >.<)
I haven't read either of those, but I may eventually lol XD just going through sports manga >.>

Detective Conan is exactly what I was thinking of lol (took me years to catch up XD). But I also like Tantei Gakuen Q...it's not very well known I think...
Kindaichi is another well-known one that I've only read part of lol
So much to read, so little time~
- -splashie_xyt on February 25th, 2014 04:57 am (UTC)
I find myself rewatching things I've already watched instead of watching videos/episodes that have accumulated more often ;__;

LOL! If you ever get curious enough to read Slam Dunk, please do! ^__^
hahaha, I didn't even consider catching up to the raws for Daiya no Ace. oops. But now that I am considering it, I know what I'll be doing tonight =D
yeah, I'm totally good with going through sports manga. I haven't read Whistle! before either even though I do watch soccer once every 4 years... haha OTL

omg! TGQ!! I watched the anime and watched the liveaction/drama when it came out =D I really liked its mysteries! I haven't actually read it before though. I want to read it now! :D
I keep reading Detective Conan in small batches these days. I forget what happened in the previous chapter after a week OTL
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on February 25th, 2014 05:18 am (UTC)
I sometimes do, but it's been a long while lol >.< still, rewatches are nice =) there are some shows/episodes I don't get tired of XD (arashi×kanjani or arashi×senpai on anishi for example >.>)

I do hope to have the time to get to it some day lol (must find time!)
Lol the idea only hit me a few weeks ago. I was in the middle of translating v12 of Yowa and suddenly realized I could actually read ahead >.>
I have a special spot in my heart for Whistle because it was one of the few manga my library had (at the time). I think it was also hard to find scans for online? But soccer is also one of the few sports I watch (also every four years XD). Oddly enough, I don't really follow sports in real life, just in manga XD

I adored both the anime and the drama XD (I was so excited when I heard the live action was being made then)
I had read somewhere that the ending was different in the manga (the manga is complete I think, but is way behind on scans), like really different from the anime, which prompted me to pick up the manga. I wasn't as comfortable reading Japanese then (plus, hey, mystery lol) so I gave up pretty quickly but when I find the time, I'll go back to it =) (still need to find out how it ends!)
You should definitely read it if you get the chance! The first few mysteries are almost exactly like the anime (with a few differences as always) but it's still a fun read
Oh yeah, I know lol XD (that's part of why it took me years to catch up...get however far, stop reading, go back, don't remember anything, read from ch1 again >.>) even now I have to glance at the prev chapters (unless it's a new mystery). I should probably just do batches like you do lol

- -splashie_xyt on February 25th, 2014 05:59 am (UTC)
oooh!! I like those episodes too! =D I like most arashixjohnnys interaction ^__^ I mainly rewatch Shukudai-kun, because food is lovely =D

Yes! Or read it slowly? A chapter before bed every night =]
hahaha!!! I'm amazed at your dedication to translating by the way =D
Your library had manga? High School? (You watch Soccer World cup!! This year! =DDDD excited??)
omg, I rewatched the first few episodes of Yowamushi Pedal. Onoda is amazing xD
The only sports I follow in real life is Tennis, and it's on and off too. I only watch the Australian Open and I look up results and watch highlights for the other Grand Slams.
Oh, and Olympics I watch.

Ah yes, I heard that the manga ends differently, I got into the live action first and then the anime xD Mystery is wonderful. Most jdrama I watch is detective/mystery <3
Well, going to add TGQ to list of things to read~ ^^ I kind of haven't seen the series in ages, I might have it running in the background whilst I read Daiya no Ace >w<

hahaha, I have trouble remembering stories that keep the plot moving in Conan too... I always have to click around or google it to see what I've forgotten T_T
New mysteries that go on for several chapters really get me. I usually wait a few weeks before reading it, hoping that it's finished xD Otherwise, I can't stand the "omg, how did they do it!?" feelings.
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on February 25th, 2014 11:41 am (UTC)
Arashi×johnnys is always fun =D ahhhh shukudai-kunnnn >.< I miss that show lol the food definitely (it always makes me hungry), but I also liked the ones where they played Aiba's silly board game (well, all the other silly games too) XD

Lol I should >.< but if I do a chapter before bed, it ends up being ok, just one more, and then I don't sleep til muuuuch later lol I'll download it to my phone and see =)
Thanks =) I'm honestly surprised myself (thought I'd give up but...... XD)
Yup! My high school had a few but my public library had a few too =D I was really lucky~ (yup! Ahhh I can't wait lol XD)
Onoda is amazing =D I can't wait to finally get to the Inter High tho......
Ohhhh I like tennis, but don't really follow it...sometimes when one of the big tournaments is on tv I might watch, but yeah, not regularly =)
And of course the Olympics XD I don't watch all of it tho, I just pick the sports I'm most interested in and watch highlights online later =D

It's been a while since I watched jdramas (I watch all sorts as long as the summary is interesting) but detective/mystery are always my favorites XD (I really like detective books and other tv shows too lol >.>) if you have any jdrama mystery recommendations, please let me know lol =D
Lol yay~ XD yeah, I haven't seen either since the drama came out, but I gave the manga a quick reread last year so it's still fresh in my mind lol
But you should def read daiya ^o^ (it's very surprising!)

Lol google is probably the way to go, but I try to avoid spoilers >.<
I usually try to do that (in the past, that's what I would do with all the ongoing series I read) but then I get too impatient and then get stuck waiting for the next one >.< I like trying to guess the criminal at least, but it's really hard sometimes >.
- -splashie_xyt on February 26th, 2014 05:35 am (UTC)
Yes! It was fun to watch them play that board games, and Ailand games xD I liked how the atmosphere felt quite laidback.

haha... ^^; I guess that's not a good idea then. I'm sure you'll be able to find some time to read, eventually! ^__^
It must take so much time translating and cleaning the pages >___< (thank you).
My local library didn't have a wide range of manga... and they stocked it quite late too =__=
omg! Inter High is exciting yeah? =D The anime is almost there! >w< I did read in your notes that you really liked the Inter High ^^. Midosuji is so lol. I like reading him.
Same! I only watch high lights (or random bits and pieces) of the Olympics.

I'm watching Watashi no Kirai na Tantei at the moment, and it's quite funny. Ah, I'll go through my folder and PM you a list later xD
I don't watch many TV shows T_T
It's bad, I'm rewatching the anime now, and kind of, I just stopped reading daiya lol (no spoilers please!). I will eventually get to it. The vocabulary so far looks alright =] I must say, the furigana really comes handy ^^ If only they were like that for even novels aimed at an older audience.

Ah, guessing the criminal in Conan can be hard. I'm bad at it too xD Sometimes it's a bit too obvious and I don't like that, so I rather it stay cryptic haha.
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on February 26th, 2014 11:23 am (UTC)
Yup, yup! That laid back atmosphere was one of the things I liked =D

Lol as it turns out, I decided to read from my phone when I get breaks and stuff, so yeah XD I don't quite remember what chapter I'm at, but it's pretty funny/interesting, so thanks =D
Lol it takes time, but I really don't mind =)
Awww, well, manga has started becoming a lot more popular I think...my library only had a couple volumes of a few series, but they slowly added to it...
I knowww XD I can't wait!! The Inter High is just really exciting! Tho I think next episode will be Kinjou's flashback, and the following the stuff right before the race starts...... >.< oh, Midousujiii XD he creeps me out sometimes, but I enjoy it >.> he's definitely amusing to read XD
Well, the winter olympics have ended, so a couple years til the next regular olympics XD

Thank you~ =D I haven't watched dramas in some time (it's like a cycle: watch a lot of dramas, stop, watch a lot of anime, stop) but when I do decide it's drama time, I'll have an idea of what to watch XD
Lol XD of normal TV shows, the only one I currently watch is Sherlock, but that only comes around every few years XD (I used to watch more tho lol)
Recently, all I've been doing is putting Yowa and Daiya episodes on repeat in the background while I work on other things >.> it's very amusing XD
Don't worry~ I try to be careful with spoilers, so I won't say anything XD
Oh, definitely XD furigana is amazing XD the only manga I read without furi is chihayafuru and it takes me hours to read through a volume properly >.<

Lol yeah, it's definitely better when not obvious XD there's no fun in guessing when it's obvious lol =)
- -splashie_xyt on February 27th, 2014 08:54 am (UTC)
Feel like going on a Shukudai-kun marathon now >__< maybe after anime :)

haha ^^;; I don't really like reading on the phone... it's too small, the screen. But if it works for you, =D
Inter High! >w< I reread up until volume 15 last night sort of before bed... kind of put Daiya aside for now hahaha!
Ah yes, I just watched the latest Yowapedal ep this morning. Kind of, I don't really remember reading most of that episode lol... I'll go back before Interhigh and read some.
Kinjou's flashback was really pitiful ;__;

nice cycle! =D I approve~
Ah, I watch Sherlock too... but really... I'm not as fond of it as I was 2-3 years ago.
lol! I will put some sports anime on after I finish TGQ ^_^
ah man... I don't think I've read a series without furigana. But then I don't read RAW a lot. The only other series I've read is Level E and Hunter x Hunter I think >__
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on February 27th, 2014 12:11 pm (UTC)
Lol XD

My phone has a big screen XD (samsung galaxy)
Wow, all 15? XD you're fast! But it's a good manga to reread =D Lol I haven't made any progress with daiya...once I find time!
I only vaguely remember it lol >,> I remember Maki-chan's large house and all that bit...but Manami's flashback hasn't happened in the manga yet, so that's probably why =)
I know =( Kinjou-saaaan T_T

Lol thanks XD
Having to wait for it makes me more excited >.>
Lol are you watching TGQ? Nice =D
I didn't realize it didn't have furi til I bought it (it's the only raw manga I own) >.> but I decided I love the series anyway, and it's good practice XD
Level E sounds familiar, but I can't place it...alien? I may have watched that anime, but never read the manga...
HunterxHunter is amazing (but I've never read it raw lol)
Surprisingly, I didn't read a lot of raw until recently because it just never crossed my mind to do so XD
- -splashie_xyt on February 28th, 2014 06:13 am (UTC)
ah, I have a Samsung Galaxy too, but even then I find the screen too small to read manga. Even ipad minis are too small since it's a monitor I feel it needs to be bigger lol.
no!! Not all 15! OAO I just read from the start of Inter High to volume 15 xD I might pick up from volume 15 tonight =D
ooooh... I actually thought my memory was just terrible OTL So it hasn't happened yet .___.
Kinjou-san is so cool! >w< Worth admiring! ^^

I get really excited when they do announce the next season, but maybe I'm too excited so the season doesn't live up to my insane expectation? And then I just get disappointed.
Yes, I've only got another 10 episodes before I finish rewatching the series~ ^^
Yeah, Level E is about an alien. I'm a fan of Togashi Yoshihiro, so I own most of both Level E and Hunter x Hunter. HxH is my favourite series ♥
LOL! I never though about reading it from a monitor. Even though I read scanlations from a monitor OTL
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