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03 April 2014 @ 05:10 pm
Yowamushi Pedal v15  

I AM NO LONGER WORKING ALONE ^o^ (*is ridiculously thrilled*)

Anyway~ enjoy! Now that I don't have to worry about the difficult stuff, I can focus on translating XD (I mean seriously. I've gotten some serious progress done on my part >_>)

I feel like I've said this for the past however many volumes, but this one has some of my favorite parts as well! (ok, tbh, my "favorite part"? Yeah, all of it *fail*)

no password, but it would have been demonbunny =P



Quick gen note: I HAVE PEOPLE EDITING FOR ME =D YAY! Anyway, they run changes by me, and I try to update my notes accordingly, but it doesn't always happen >_> so yeah.

There aren't (comparatively) too many notes in this vol (just large chunks of Midou-notes he has quite a lot of lines in this volume, I realized that a lot of my notes (the long ones especially) are about his funny way of speaking >_> ...not that I mentioned all of them.)

Also (did I already say this?), the anime has gone with “number tag” for “zekken” but I’m sticking with “zekken” cause it’s shorter =P

Chapter title notes:

125 - Yeah, it'll make sense when you read the chapter…although the literal is u--u--u--, I'd say for translating "bu--bu--bu--" probably captures it better ('cause u is for usagi = bu for bunny)…but that sounds weird lol so it ended up as "buuu--…"


  • C120 p06: “アツイ友情" (atsui yuujou hot friendship -> burning friendship)…

  • C120 p07: I still prefer “Yowaizumi” but I can live with Weakizumi ^_^ (I had that in my character notes anyway >_>)

  • C120 p08: Gah, Mido’s a pain to translate sometimes >_< …so he calls them “zaku” in furigana but (see notes from prev. volumes) but uses the kanji for nakama (仲間) friends/comtades/partners/etcbut this was the annoying part: he uses a word “yuui” (有位) which normally doesn’t have this kanji combination. There’s 有意 and 優位, both said yuui and hes kinda mixed and matched the kanji. The first word means “significance” while the second means “superiority”, the kanji used have meanings for “to have/possess” while the second is “rank/place”. The full sentence is “数の有位は力の有位" (kazu no yuui wa chikara no yuui) which I figured was something along the lines of “the superiority of (our) numbers signifies strength”, which I then made into “the superiority of our numbers shows the differences in strength” or something like that

  • C120 p10: “信じたん? ボクのことを信じてくれたん?" (shinjitan? Boku no koto wo shinjitekuretan?) Both of these basically translate out to “did you believe me?” but he specifically says “me” in the second, and also uses “kureru” (which I’m still struggling to explain properly, but like…I dunno, it conveys the idea that he’s pleased/happy that Imaizumi gave him his trust?)

  • C120 p13: Mido always says "phase" with the kanji "段階" (dankai - grade/level/stage)

  • C120 p19: continuing with Mido’s strange speech quirks (I honestly wish I could convey them in English better, but since it’s mostly in the strange mix of kanji/hira/kata he uses…) “ハコガクブッ潰しまーす" (Hakogaku butsubushima—su) “I’m gonna crushhhh Hakogaku” (the first part of “crush” is in kata for some reason, I picture it as him pronouncing it oddly). And then, same page later “ハコガクトゥブゥシマアァァス" (Hakogaku tsubushimaaaasu) which also means “I’m gonna crushhh Hakogaku” but all in kata and with “tuu” instead of “tsu” (that threw me off for some reason)… Also on the same page (in between the two “gonna crush hakogaku” lines), he’s basically repeating what Fuku said to him at the opening ceremony (cyclists should do battle on the road: “勝負は道の上でしろ" – shoubu wa michi no ue de shiro – battles should be done on the road – “自転車乗りなら" jitensha nori nara - if you ride bikes)

  • C121 p05: Still not completely satisfied with how Izumida’s (I keep wanting to shorten his name to “Izumi” but then that makes me think “Imaizumi”) words to Mido turned out: “闘った敵に対して敬意を払わないその態度はよくないね" (tatakatta teki ni taishite keii wo harawanai sono taido wa yokunai ne) – That attitude of not paying respect to an opponent (I) fought with previously is not good (the “yokunai ne” was in its own bubble so…)

  • C121 p06: “キンニクマツゲくん" kinniku matsusge-kun muscle-eyelashes-kun

  • C121 p07: “弱っヨワの" yowa yowa no (Yowa(i), if you don't yet recognize it from the title, is “weak”)

  • C121 p08: Just as a note “Souhoku wa tsuyokatta” (Souhoku was strong, past tense) vs on the prev page “Kare wa tsuyoi supurinta- da” (He is a strong sprinter, present tense)

  • C121 p09: More Mido speech quirks: “ザァァンネェェン" (zaaanneeen) “what a shame”

  • C121 p011: More Mido: says “順航" (junkou) which isn't normally composed of those kanji. Two words that have the same pronunciation and share one of the kanji: 順行 (proceeding in order), 巡航 (cruise/cruising). The full sentence “fueizu fo-- no mama junkou” (proceed like this into phase four).

  • C121 p12-13: “気晴らしに走ってくる" kibarashi ni hashittekuru – “kibarashi” is recreation/diversion/relaxation, “hashiru” to ride (lit. run) >> go out and have a bit of fun

  • C122 p06-07: I don’t remember what I settled on for the translation here, but I had a note about it, so I probably wasn’t happy with it regardless… 狙うつもりだ. 獲りにいかせたんだ" (nerau tsumori da. Tori ni ikasetan da). “(They) intend to aim (for it). (They) let (them) go get/win (it).” >> I think I just didn’t like the vagueness in English ^^;

  • C122 p09: For some reason, it sounds funnier in Japanese (maybe it's just me?), probably because “sp” doesn’t form a full syllable……”エーススプ…なんやったっけ?" (e-su supu…nanyattakke?) “リンターだよ" (rintaa da yo)—“the ace sp- what was it?” … “it’s rinter” (aww Shinkai!! Playing along~)

  • C122 p14: This time I know I’ve made the note before, but I’ll repeat it: “サイクリング" (cycling) has this sense of for fun" (so this race isn’t really cycling)…thus, Mido’s suggesting that Shinkai’s pace is easy to keep up with and that they’re out on a fun-not-race-ride

  • C122 p19: The word Shinkai uses for “sorry” here isn’t the usual “gomen (nasai/ne)” or “sumimasen/suimasen/suman/sumanai”, it’s “申し訳ないね" (moushiwakenai ne) which sounds more formal-ish to me (despite the “ne” tacked on the end) but also feels more like he feels sorry for Mido (not that he’s apologizing)

  • C123 p04-05: “箱根学園のゼッケン4番はそういう数字なんだよ" (Hakone Gakuen no zekken #4 is that sort of number) – “that sort of number” as in that’s what wearing Hakogaku’s #4 zekken means. Also, I feel like there was a lot of “Hakone Gakuen” instead of “Hakogaku” in this volume. I think I went with Hakone Academy in previous volumes (well, it's the same thing >_>) so I apologize for the inconsistency XD (it may still change in the future)

  • C123 p07: In middle school Fuku was the “キャプテン" (kyaputen – captain). When he becomes captain in high school, it’s “主将" shushou (also captain). I just thought it was interesting. Also, I went with “autumn’s welcoming race” for “秋仲杯" (aki chuuhai). Aki is fall, the kanji for “chuu” here (also the na in nakama) means relations, and the last either refers to a sake cup or is the counter for cupfulls, which I interpreted as a “getting-to-know-each-other” sort of meaning >> “welcoming race”

  • C123 p08: I just wanted to point out Izumida as an adorable first year <3 (the one thinking “Shinkai-san).  Also, when they introduce themselves, they say what class they're in. I originally assumed it to be the standard division of school classes, but in ep20 of the anime, Manami wins the "class F" race and in vol16 they talk about the winner of the "class E" race, so it could also be what section of the club they're in. I'm leaning to the latter simply because classes are usually 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 (year-class number) but that's not a hard rule.

  • C123 p11: Fuku says “オレにはわからない…" (ore ni wa wakaranai) means “I don’t understand” but in my head it kinda feels like “this is beyond me”…Also, he describes Shinkai as a "fierce god" 鬼神 (kijin) which is written with the characters for "demon" and "god"

  • C123 p12: HAKONE’S STRAIGHT LINE DEMON. Demon is a cool nickname, but “straight line” demon? But I couldn’t think of a better way to say it lol =P (箱根の直線鬼 Hakone no chokusen oni, and chokusen literally means “straight line”)

  • C123 p13: When Fuku’s talking about taking first at the In-High, he says “天下" (tenka) which means "the whole country" (which means first anyway lol)

  • C123 p14: *sob* HAYATOOOOO T_T

  • C123 p17: the bunny’s face when Fuku pets him makes me laugh even tho this part is serious >_>

  • C123 p20: Ok, so I can’t decide if Mido is just making weird noises (again) or saying something with meaning. “ピギー" (pigiii = piggy). On the one hand, I think he's just making weird noises. On the other hand, what are the chances that his weird noises actually form a word? *shrug* After editing, it ended up as "noooo"

  • C124 p02-03: Just a note, "Higo" refers to a flower (a type of camellia from Kumamoto http://www.higocamellia.it/page6.html) Naruko’s insult “アホっか" (aho kka) – are you guys idiots?!

  • C124 p05: Naruko’s insult “ボケェ" (boke) – idiots!! (I just wanted to note the different ways to call someone an idiot =P)

  • C124 p07: I don’t know why Kumamoto is the “country of fire” (火の国 hi no kuni) but thats what they said…

  • C124 p08: The Kumamoto guy (Taura) ends his sentences with “bai”. Also has a dialect. Usually not too hard to understand, but he has his moments…>_>

  • C124 p12: Yay! Surrounded by people and still singing! XD

  • C124 p15: GAHHH Kinjou-san is so cool >_<

  • C125 p10: The “u---“ “u---” are from “usagi” (bunny) (You know, like in the title) (well "buuu")

  • C125 p12: “usagi oishii ka no ya ma” – was the bunny yummy? (in song) I’m not sure if it’s “yama” as in mountain” or “ya” and “ma” as something else, but the key point was Mido singing about eating the bunny. Word order changed a bit in the text to reflect "Buuuu"

  • C126 p08: Toudou calls Fuku “Tomii” (with the kanji for Fukutomi). I’m pretty sure he calls him “Fuku” most of the time, so I don’t know why it’s “Tomii” this time…

  • C126 p20: So, he’s still staying “straight lines” here (you know, the straight line demon), but I went with “straight roads” for this bit.  (I dunno, "Hakone's straight roads" sounded better than "Hakone's straight lines =P)

  • C127 p05: When Toudou tells Arakita to stop, he says “よさないか" (yosanai ka), (to me) it sounds more like "put it aside" (I dunno, it sounds archaic-ish to me XD maybe it's just 'cause I don't hear it often =P)

  • C127 p10-11: His demon face reminds me of Mido’s face

  • C127 p17: Baby bunny’s name is “Usakichi” (ウサ吉) "usa" from bunny and “kichi” from good fortune

  • C128 p16: Mido says “hae” (fly) in furi but the kanji is “箱根学園4番" (hakone gakuen yoban), so referring to Shinkai but calling him a fly. (He also says “otosu” drop/defeat but uses the kanji “" instead, which would still mean pretty much the same thing, but since we’re talking about a fly—and no one would say they’re going to defeat the fly—I went with “crush”). Although the word literally means "fly", it's used to refer to a person of no worth (I just don't like how "scrub" sounds? Plus considering future volumes… >_>)

  • C128 p17: No, I don’t know why he refers to himself with the “-kun”?

  • C128 p25: Gist of the extra page:

Title: “Let’s explain”

This time let’s talk about how Shinkai-san is always chewing (and something else)

Something about the importance of eating and drinking during a race cause you're using a lot of calories

(Race specified as one that is 4~5 hrs or longer)

Then says that once you think "I'm hungry" or "I'm thirsty" it's already too late. You need to eat/drink in small amounts before it gets that far.

The different supplies pictured are things available for sale (I really wanna try the jellys)


Oh yeah, I think I've started getting inconsistent with Midou vs Mido (I went with Mido originally 'cause there were a few places in v09 where it looked nicer typeset--mi/do/su/ji splits nicely into 4 without the 'u'--even though my normal instinct is to keep the 'u' and I didn't care enough for Midou to fix things >_>. And then it was consistency. Which I am not. Consistent that is. So I think I unintentionally switched between them this volume >_>). In the future, it will probably end up as and stay as Midousuji. So yeah.

yumikajimayumikajima on April 4th, 2014 07:34 am (UTC)
OMG Thank you for this volume! And please thank the ones who helped you for us! I'm rooting for the next volume 'cause that's where Onoda and Tadakorocchi is able to catch up to them! Ahhh I'm gonna cry~ xD Anyways, many thanks for this release and as always you have a lot of notes for us! And oh! You really should have used demonbunny as the password! XD Also if you still need help maybe in quality checking or so I'd really love to help 'cause I saw at least 2 typos but it's fine since you're all doing it for free. Sorry if I sounded rude though. Keep up the good work :)
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on April 4th, 2014 11:51 am (UTC)
You're welcome!! =D I will~
And yessss I love the moment when they catch up >_< *tears up*

Typos? Where?! >_< Lol that wasn't rude at all! I'm surprised there still are typos after how many times we went through it, but I guess stuff slips through anyway >_>
I think we should be ok for now, but I may ask you to help in the future!

(I love your Teshima icon btw)
yumikajimayumikajima on April 4th, 2014 01:28 pm (UTC)
c121 p7
first panel: it should be #172 - when I was reading I got kind of confused so I checked the raws.
If there really are other typos, I forgot where it is xD Well it should be overlooked by readers since it's not really that much :)
And the current typesetting is nice 'cause you used various fonts to match the situation. Thumbs up for that!

Hehe I love my icon too 'cause Teshima is so cute~ :D
Anyways, thanks again for the volume! I hope you and your group have fun scanlating it ^_^
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on April 4th, 2014 11:24 pm (UTC)
whoops... yeah that is totally my bad >_> I'm not sure how I managed to type 176 (6 isn't even close to 2) XD
Lol if you forgot, then they're definitely minor (so I won't go hunting for them lol >_>
Thanks~! I'm really glad the typesetter did it so nicely ^o^

You're welcome, again~! and we certainly will XD
Kate E.A. Nash-Satterfieldkatherynne on April 4th, 2014 09:15 pm (UTC)
EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Thank you!!

I always love your notes. ♥

p.s. if you ever need an English proofreader, I can do it! but it seems like you've got things covered :D
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on April 4th, 2014 11:25 pm (UTC)
You're welcome XD Enjoyyy =D

I think we're good for now, but I really appreciate the offer!! ^o^
- -splashie_xyt on April 6th, 2014 10:30 am (UTC)
Thanks for the hardwork! =]
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on April 8th, 2014 01:26 am (UTC)
Lol XD I can't wait for v17-18 (wanna see people's reactions to Midou there XD
You're welcome~! (even tho I know you've read it already lol XD)
- -splashie_xyt on April 12th, 2014 11:56 am (UTC)
I think I really do like Midou lolol. I get so happy every time he pops up >www
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on April 17th, 2014 02:51 am (UTC)
lol XD
katherinekate: Phlip Mangakatherinekate on May 3rd, 2014 03:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you x 10000000 for this and thank you too for everyone who is helping with this. xxx
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on May 3rd, 2014 04:05 pm (UTC)
you're very welcome XD