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07 May 2014 @ 04:34 pm
Yowamushi Pedal v16  

Whoooo next volume XD
I did the extra for once too! XD (it was great XD)


pw: origins

Chapter title notes:

  • 129 - "saikyou" is strongest, "saisoku" is fastest. It sounds repetitive to me, but…*shrug*

  • 132 - "Souhoku sorou" more like "Souhoku, all present"

  • 134 - is literally "the luggage/baggage that was thrown away" (suterareta nimotsu)

  • 125 - Ouja koutai (as in change/substitution, we've got new kings in town - I went with replacement)

  • 137 - all kata single zekken but "single" referring to "single digit"

Once again, my longest notes seem to pertain to the way Mido speaks…… (or me making random commentary. Sorry about that >_>)

Um, I forgot to change my page numbering...whoops?

  • C129 p006-7: Made this note last vol, but Mido says “ochiro hae” (fall, fly) with the kanji for “hae” as “hakone gakuen” (I found it quite amusing bc 箱根学園 (hakone gakuen) is much longer than ハエ (hae) =P)

  • C129 p012-13: “ハイタッチ" (hai tacchi) : high touch = high five. I just like the way it sounds in Japanese lol

  • C129 p018: This single sentence (starting with “it’s a shame”) really does continue on to page 20-21. I think I managed to make it do that without being too confusing, but in summary: “It’s a shame but the outcome of this battle will be decided by which of the sensors stuck to our bikes crosses the line first”. What I put instead: “It’s a shame but the outcome of this battle is decided by the sensor stuck to our bikes, and the one that crosses the line first will win” (since “kimaru” – the main verb, to be decided, is at the end). It’s basically the same (except mine is more wordy so I could drag it across 4 pages or so >_>)
    (残念だけど勝敗は //  バイクに取付けられたセンサーがラインを先にこえてかどうかで //  決まるんだ – zan’nen dakedo shouhai wa  //  baiku ni toritsukerareta sensaa ga rain wo saki ni koeta ka douka  //   de kimarunda)

  • C129 p020-21: The last word on this page is "シナリオ" shinario – “scenario”, followed by “通りや" doori ya "following" on the next page >> “just as planned”
    GAH I can’t believe he didn’t fall off like that but ok fine! HAYATOOOOOO >_<

  • C129 p022-23: THAT FACE.

  • C130 p026-27: THAT FACE AGAIN. (he makes me laugh)

  • C130 p028-29: When the guy tells Manami to carry the bag, he uses the word “サコッシュ" (sakosshu) which I'd never heard of before, but apparently it’s a term specific to a bag in this situation (getting supplies during a road race) http://d.hatena.ne.jp/keyword/%A5%B5%A5%B3%A5%C3%A5%B7%A5%E5

  • C130 p034: I’m sorry if it sounds repetitive, but it’s not my fault Teshima repeats himself in different ways…"早く来い" (hayaku koi, come quickly), "来てくれ" (kite kure, please come), "早く来てくれ" (hayaku kite kure, please come quickly)

  • C130 p035: and here, it’s “早く来てください" (hayaku kite kudasai, please come quickly, slightly more formal/polite-ish) and “お願いします" (onegaishimasu, please)

  • C130 p037: Naruko says “はいな" (hai na) so I just wanted to distinguish it from the normal “hai” even though it’s more just a quirk of his dialect

  • C130 p039: Naruko again, says “おーきに" (ookini), Kansai-ben for thanks

  • C131 p046: Ahahahahaha they clearly don’t know Onoda =P

  • C131 p047: D’awwwww, Onoda worries about the silliest things

  • C131 p051: One more time, d’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • C131 p055: Tadokoro-cchi is such a good senpaiiii >o<

  • C131 p056-57: I hope everyone knows the lyrics by now because there wasn’t much space to put the translations in =P



  • C132 p074: adorable <3

  • C132 p084: Mido: “キレツ入ったからね" (kiretsu haitta kara ne) – ‘cause they’ve entered into a crack/fissure >> “fallen into a crack”

  • C133 p085: I’m glad I decided to go with “checkpoint” for “result” =P … the title on the board reads “スプリントリザルト結果” (supurinto rizaruto kekka) which would end up as “sprint result result”

  • C133 p089: Izumida says “なのにそれをおくびにも出さない" (na no ni sore wo okubi ni mo dasanai) “and yet, you never breath a word about it” >> “never brag about it”

  • C133 p090: Shinkai says “ゼッケン…スプリンター同士並びだな" (zekkensupurintaa doushi narabi da na) – “our zekken…as fellow sprinters they’re lined up” >> “our zekken…we sprinters have sequential numbers” or something like that…=/
    Also, “胸が高鳴った" (mune ga takanatta chest was throbbing/beating fast)  >> “excited”

  • C133 p092: When Midousuji says “A normal team would have fallen as soon as the team’s pride, their fastest racer lost a sprint battle in an unsightly manner!!” he doesn’t actually say “a normal team” (it’s implied as a continuation of what he says on the previous page)

  • C133 p093: “逆立ち" (sakadachi) means head/handstand. I guess he’s saying the results won’t change even if you turn everything on its head, but I can’t think of a concise way of saying that…….so I left it as headstand.

  • C133 p097: I like how Ishigaki always (almost) forgets to use “-kun” with Midousuji =P

  • C134 p109: In case I don’t go back to fix this note: By Izumida in the final panel, it says “DNF…!!” (in the original) with “リタイア" (ritaia retire") as the furigana (for English letters, yes). DNF (I’ve made a note of this before) stands for “Did Not Finish” = dropped out. Since I’m going with the furi, in translating I just left it as “dropping out” or something like that

  • C134 p110: “心が折れた"(kokoro ga oreta). Like in the case with Tadokoro, although it’s literally “their hearts broke” it’s more like “their spirits broke”

  • C134 p114-115: “後陣を置き去りにする潔いさ" (koujin wo okizari ni suru isagiyoi sa). Isagiyoi has a lot of different meanings (I went with “sportsmanlike”) but I reaaaaaally wanted to use “gallant”. (What gallantry, leaving your reserve troops behind =P). Also, the bit about Fuku’s expression not changing one bit? “表情一つ変えない冷酷さ" (hyoujou hitotsu kaenai reikokusa)I split it into two sentences, but it’s really more like “the coldness (of) your expression not changing one bit” or something like that (the not-changing-expression describes the type of coldness?). And then, the thing about right choices: “正しいことを正しいと判断できる…足元がブレてへん" (tadashii koto wo tadashii to handan dekiru…ashimoto ga buretehen) “being able to decide that what is correct, is (in fact) correct…your pace didn’t waver one bit). And finally, “こっち側の人間や" (kocchigawa no ningen ya) "you're both people of this side” (“this side” being the side of people who see nothing wrong with Mido’s view). I went with “since you’re both like me” or something like that

  • C134 p117: “大事なのは己!!己の証明 己の存在理由 己の顕示のために" (daiji na no wa onore!! Onore no shoumei, onore no sonzai riyuu, onore no kenji no tame ni). Since he specifically uses “onore” in all of them, I tried to put “self” in all of them but it didn’t work >_> (the most important thing is yourself!! Proof of self, your reason for being, the revelation of (your) self)…also, Mido says “" (gou) which is translated as "karma (actions committed in a previous life)” according to my dictionary, but I’m pretty sure “karma” doesn’t really fit in what he’s saying (If you don’t have “karma” you can’t win during the fierce before-goal battle) so I went with “mindset” (of the self being the most important thing)

  • C134 p119: Ishigaki describes Fuku as being “人情厚い" (ninjou atsui) or more warm to others/kind/more empathetic/etc

  • C134 p120: “Toudou-kun” is “東ドウくん" (using random kata ‘cause he’s speaking funny)

  • C134 p121: GAH AND THIS (THESE) FACE

  • C134 p122-123: (is it weird that I’m hearing “wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” whenever I see this page?)

  • C135 p128: Ishigaki uses the kanji for Midousuji (御堂筋) but with the furi "aitsu" (that guy). Also 京都伏見 (Kyouto Fushimi) with the furi for “oretachi” (us/we)

  • C135 p129: I did translate the bike-sign, but the phrase right next to the bicycle was really squished and the only kanji I was sure of was: “" (kaze wind). I'm pretty sure it's "風を切れ" (cut through the wind) tho. Also, it says “上位" (joui – ranking/superior rank) by which I think they mean either get on the podium (1st, 2nd, 3rd) or just to get higher than last year (9th)

  • C135 p130: I know the box says “pocaers” but the kata when Ihara speaks is still written as “ポカリ" (pocari). Also, all their greetings (hey) are “ういーす" (uisu)

  • C135 p132: Ishiyan uses “がまん" (gaman) which I’ve translated as both “persevere” and “endure” depending on what sounded better at the time

  • C135 p138: Just something I noticed while watching the anime for the xth time >_>. The furi for the pass name reads “裏白" (urajiro), but the subs are “Urashige” in the anime (it is hard to make out; have to listen carefully to make out the syllables). Not that it matters since I don’t think it’s ever mentioned again lol. Also, I don’t know why it’s “Ishi-san” and not “Ishiyan” like it usually is (Nobu would say “Ishigaki-san”)

  • C135 p139: Again the “上位" from before, as "上位入賞" (joui nyuushou) so “winning a prize/place in the ranking” (and this I definitely take to mean 1st/2nd/3rd)

  • C135 p140: When they did the flashback in the anime, they didn’t detail that Mido’s “complete victory” didn’t just mean victory on each day, but also winning (at least one each of) the red and green zekkens (the yellow would be for winning the day). I just thought it was interesting to point out =P

  • C136 p154: “捨てきれん男やわ" (sutekiren otoko ya wa) "a guy who can’t throw (anything/it) away” (doesn’t let things go easily?)

  • C136 p156: long: “オレは今年の箱根学園は中学からの同級生の新開とおまえと 仲のいい4人の3年が中心になってまとまっていると聞いていた…実際に開会式のステージで見て とても いいチームやと思った"  (ore wa kotoshi no hakogaku wa chuugaku kara no doukyuusei no Shinkai to omae to naka no ii 4nin no 3nen ga chuushin ni natte matomatteiru to kiiteita…jissai ni kaikaishiki no suteeji de mite totemo ii chiimu ya to omotta). All of this is spread over three bubbles

  • This year, I heard that you, you classmate from middle school Shinka, and the 3rd years of that friendly (close to each other) group of four had become the center of Hakogaku…when I saw you up on stage at the opening ceremony, I really thought you were a great team

  • C136 p160: “王者は王者らしく散るんや" (ouja wa ouja rashiku chirun ya - the kings should fall/scatter/die like kings)

  • C136 p162-163: Fuku-chan is so cool >o<

  • C137 p169: Izumida’s thoughts: “今さすがにそれは" (ima sasuga ni sore wa) is basically “right now, as expected, that would be” (“saying something like that, right now, would be really bad (as you might expect)” >> “you can’t say something like that at a time like this” or any sort of variation. I forget what I actually went with)

  • C137 p171: Arakita says “ハッ!!るっせ 例とかキモイんだよ!!" (hah!! 'Russe, rei to ka kimoin da yo) Hah! Shut up, things like thanks are gross” (but I still associate “kimoi” with Mido too much so no. And “’russe” is short for “urusai”)

  • C137 p180: so the furi reads “シングル"(shinguru – single) but the kanji is “最強"(saikyou strongest)

  • Extra p185: I actually translated the whole extra because it was how Yowa got started!! =D. This is probably the last time I’ll do a full translation of the extra because damnit it’s way too hard to read his handwriting sometimes >_<. So, starting with this page, I can make out “バイク" (baiku) and "イデー" (ide--) but not whatever is between (I think it might be “バイクフライデー" (baiku furaide-) but I have no idea what “bike Friday” might be). Oh, also, Watanabe-sensei seems to refer to his friends as “-shi” (like –san)

  • Extra p186: “Champion” refers to “Weekly Shounen Champion” which is the magazine that runs Yowa. Also T-shi is his “tantou” 担当 (which is just “(in) charge”). He’s basically like an editor/manager (person in charge of him). But later the “editor-in-charge” is mentioned (different title) and I didn’t want to confuse them.

  • Extra p187: THANK YOU T-SHI, WHOEVER YOU ARE FOR MAKING THIS WONDERFUL SUGGESTION (and convincing him to go for it). Also, the note that describes what a storyboard is, in Japanese, a storyboard is “ネーム" (neemu – “name”). I don’t know why.

  • Extra p188: What would Yowa have ended up like if he’d gone this way…? Anyone else think she looks like Kanzaki? (oh, sorry for not translating the text of the storyboard =P)

  • Extra p189: I don’t understand the “Mokomichi” bit, but I’m glad it stayed as “Sakamichi”. Also, when Watanabe-sensei says “glasses is his identity”, he says “アイデンティティー" (aidentiti-) so I left it as "identity". And the “continues in vol17” just refers to the manga in general. The next extra has nothing to do with the creation of Yowa

Kate E.A. Nash-Satterfield: i PERSONALLY thinkkatherynne on June 19th, 2014 12:25 am (UTC)
I just realized from seeing someone else's comments on the wordpress site that you're also following Daiya no A and Haikyuu!! ? :D GREAT TASTE! Yayyyyyy!! Me too!
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on June 19th, 2014 12:28 pm (UTC)
Yup! Two of my favorites!! XD *high five* ^o^