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27 October 2014 @ 11:51 am
Yowamushi Pedal v18  
I'm sure most people have read this volume by now, but I'm still going regardless =)

Forgot to zip with a password and I'm to lazy to change it >_>

V18: https://www.mediafire.com/?far4qum9k7j9z6j

Notes and stuff:

Most of the early notes are actual notes. By ch151-152 it's less so >_>

Chapter title notes:

  • For Ride 147, the title’s kanji reads: 秒差 (byousa) which isn’t in my dictionary for some reason (but is definitely a word…it’s used throughout the chapter…). Anyway, it’s composed of the kanji for seconds (byou) and the kanji for difference (sa) so basically a small difference (a difference of only seconds or less). The furi above the kanji reads マージン (maajin) = margin, so I left it like that, though I suppose in English, “margin” might be a bit unclear.


  • P07: Feel the need to clarify: Naruko doesn’t say “takoyaki ingredients”. He just says “takoyaki” (I’ll mix you in with takoyaki and eat you) but I thought it made a bit more sense in English to add “ingredients”. Takoyaki are yummy btw.

  • P08-09: Imaizumi had a really long sentence so I split it up a bit. Starting with the bit about tricky cornering to the end of the page is all one sentence. Also, the order is a bit different (can’t help the structure difference between English and Japanese…). Right after “his goal was” should be “us” and “hakogaku” as objects of the sentence, but the verb doesn’t come until the end (put a time difference and pull away) and English doesn’t work that way. I like the way it sounds in Japanese though.

  • P016: Gah, Kinjou is so cool. “背負うな今泉” (Seou na, Imaizumi). The verb seou (man it looks weird romanizing it…btw, that’s three syllables, roughly sounds like: seh-oh-oo) means to be burdened with/take responsibility for but it sounded a bit odd to have Kinjou say “don’t burden yourself (with that)” so I went with “don’t let it bother you” (which is basically the same)

  • Also, considering the speed they’re going at, I’m picturing this whole convo in slow motion.

  • P024-025: Where Imaizumi says “please”, it’s really “onegaishimasu” (…well, that does mean “please” >_>) but I probably would have gone closer to “I’ll leave it to you” if (1) Shinkai hadn’t said “tanon daze” (I’ll leave it to you) and (2) if it didn’t sound a bit impolite.

  • P026: “Hikkurikaesu” means “to turn over/reverse” (turn things around). Maybe it’s just me, but in English it sounds a bit like Fuku wants to not only catch up, but get 4 seconds ahead of Midou (he doesn’t mean that though—just means to catch up first XD).


  • P08-09: Different sentence structure again. Where Kinjou says “and use it”…it’s really “(to) the goal”. The verb is on the next page. He doesn’t really say “and use it” anywhere, but I couldn’t think of a better way to split it up and still have it make sense >_>. The full sentence reads: その全ての力を解放しゴールにたたきこむ!! - Release all of that power and break through the goal!!

  • P012-013: The tiny bubble that reads “what?” is really “uso” which is more like “no way!” or “you’re kidding!” …but since it’s a tiny bubble…it became “what?” XD

  • Also, “do aces know no limit?!” is “エースてのは” (ace te no wa – this (thing) called an ace) so it’s referring to the title of “ace” in general.

  • P018-019: Arakita’s line “承知しねぇぞ” (Shouchi shineezo) is more like “I won’t acknowledge you anymore” (except in rougher speech). I was also tempted to make it “if you lose, I’ll beat the pants off you” because I once saw it translated like that XD (and it sounded very Arakita)


  • P010-011: I guess it would be more accurate to have Kinjou say: “you still want to fight?! Against me?!” >_> Except “tatakaou” is more like “let’s battle” thus “suggesting we battle”. Except that means “against me” doesn’t work, which is how it ended up as is XD

  • P012-013: It would also be more accurate to say “I’m trembling. (To think that we could reach) these conditions”. Fuku elaborates with the stuff in parentheses on the next page so I just left it.

  • P014: おまえという男だ (omae to iu otoko da) This man “called” (known as/etc) you. It sounds better in Japanese. This became “What a man you are”

  • P016: Maki and those cicadas…the verb used is "鳴く” (naku) which generally refers to an animal making a noise. I don’t know what cicadas do, so it ended up as “cry”.

  • Also, Maki picking up the phone was just: “あ ああ?” (ah aaah?).

  • Also, Tado doesn’t say “hey!” nor “Idiot!” he says “てめ” (teme – rude form of you, often seen as “you bastard”) and “ゴルァ” (goruaa – rough “kora” which is more like “hey!”)

  • P022-023: Kinjou to Fuku: “そいつでも飲みながら少し外で話そう” (soitsu demo nominagara sukoshi soto de hanasou): let’s talk for a bit outside while drinking that.

  • P024: In case you were curious, the text on the road in the 4th panel reads “bicycles”

  • Also, please note (again) that in Japanese “サイクリング” (cycling) seems to carry connotations of casual riding in particular, not racing which is why Fuku says it as if it’s not what they do every day.

  • P028: I don’t think I’ve made this note before (though I probably should have), but the sound “フッ” (fu with a sharp stop at the end of the sound) is the sound of breathing out (like a huff?). Anyway, the character ふ/フ is usually romanized as “fu” but it’s more of a “fu/hu” mix. So it’s not a hard “f”-sound but a soft one.


  • P06: Midou says “nurui” which means lukewarm literally. I was thinking of alternatives, like “weak” or “not enough” but I couldn’t think of one I liked, so it stayed “lukewarm”. Hopefully, the meaning comes across anyway. Oh, also, Midou continues with this water analogy on page 9, so that sort of tipped the scales.

  • P08: Midou says “己1人” (onore hitori – roughly: “oneself, alone”) which is why I wrote “you, yourself”

  • Also, the order of “Pedal, Souhoku” and “Go Hakogaku” got switched, but it didn’t matter enough to change it back >_>

  • P09: Midou calls them “甘チャン” (ama-chan), ama(i) meaning sweet (literally) but also naïve. I added the “idiots” because of the “chan” (he’s just being more derogatory).

  • P010-011: First thing, reversed sentence structure again. I should stop mentioning it, but it bothers me when they’re in different panels. そんなもんカケラもいらない (sonna mon kakera mo iranai – I don’t even need a sliver of that sort of thing). The second thing is that “sonna mon” is the furi. The kanji reads “友情” (yuujou – friendship).

  • P013: Ahahahahaha she called you gross! She stole your line XD

  • P014: When Midou says “the outside is trash”, it’s really “the decoration is trash” but I thought I’d make it clear that by “decoration” he means “appearances”.


  • P01: Kanzaki says “come straight (here)”, so I just made it “come straight to the goal”

  • P024: Thus begins the part that made me stop disliking Midou.

  • P025: My mind sort of blanked on this in English, but it’s not “Hisaya’s uncle” it’s more like “the uncle from Hisaya’s place”? Not quite “Uncle Hisaya” but maybe that would work better. Hisaya sounds like a last name to me so “hisaya no ojisan” sounds like “old man (uncle) hisaya”? Gah, it’s not coming across right.

  • P026: I had to google “keirin”. I took the info in the TL note from Wiki (I think).

  • Also, this was a bit odd to translate, but Akira (I call baby Midou by his first name >_>) says “ツール・ド・フランス” (Tsuuru do furansu, aka Tour de France). His mother repeats “チュールド” (chuuru do) which, as far as I know, has no meaning.

  • Also, Akira is adorable.

  • P027: Akira makes the most adorable (strange) faces.

  • P028: And he looks creepy when he brushes his teeth.


  • P01: This chapter made me cry. Twice. The first time I read it, and the third time. Not the second time for some reason.

  • P05: Adorably awkward Akiraaaaaa


  • P017: D’AWWWWWWWW Akira’s face!!

  • Also, 6th grade is part of elementary school in Japan.

  • P018: I find it hilarious how Akira smiles at “teeth”. Also, I don’t know why “teeth” is in quotes in the fourth panel, but it is.

  • P022: *sob* Akiraaaaaaaaaaa

  • P028: Switched sentence order again. More literally, should be “this victory…I won’t yield it to anyone”


  • P017: Ahahahaha Fukuuuu! Kinjouuuuu! (that’s not a smile silly)

  • P020: Midouuuu T.T before c152 I wouldn’t have cared. Now I want to hug him damnit. T.T

pkikudapkikuda on October 27th, 2014 07:52 pm (UTC)
I haven't read yet! I must be the only one...orz
Anyway, like always, thank you very much for your hard work!
Have a nice week!
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on October 30th, 2014 10:27 pm (UTC)
I've heard from a few people that they haven't read it...my bad for assuming things! XD
You're welcome! ^o^
Hope you had a great week! =)
katherinekate: ShoutaroxTerui Mangakatherinekate on October 28th, 2014 02:21 pm (UTC)
I haven't read this yet so am really happy to see this, thank you very very much for sharing.
*sends ice tea + cupcake*
ryuuhikariryuuhikari on October 30th, 2014 10:28 pm (UTC)
You're welcome!! ^o^
Ooooh, yummy! XD Thanks!